Working with Executive Teams

Working with Executive Teams


How do Executive Teams impact their organisation?

As leaders we know that our style and energy has a huge impact on our work cultures, so how do we manage that when we’re a leadership team full of people with different styles and motivators?

At Hooked on Leadership we often work with Executive teams who want to understand their strengths and stretches as a group, and how this might impact their organisational culture. To help us with this, not only do we look at our individual eDISC reports, we also complete a Team report which helps us understand what our predominant profile as a team looks and feels like in the organisation, and then explore the impact of this.

As a team are we predominantly D or I energy and so show up as fast moving, future focussed, driving a change agenda with no thought as to the implementation plan or how the rest of the organisation will take it on? Are we S or C energy where quality, rigour, and assurance of people and process are our key focus areas, but we never move fast enough for our stakeholders? Or are we a disparate mixture of everything and so consistent communication is an issue as the differences are ignored, and everyone feels misunderstood?

Whatever it is, as an Executive Team our job is to make sure we can flex into any of the styles as we will have them all in our organisations! And as a team if we are very strong in one area, we need to learn how to use it as our genius zone, but not so much that we develop blind-spots in the other energies, and unintentionally drive stress and confusion through the organisation.

A Live Example!

We recently had the privilege of working with an Executive Team who came to Hooked on Leadership to understand their group dynamic so that they could improve the way they work with their team. And a couple of weeks ago we had a review session with them to see what they had embedded since the program, and also to go deeper into their team profile which led to some strategic insights which they could implement straight away.