Meet Our Team

Rebecca Livesey and Angela Koning created Hooked on
Leadership to help leaders build cohesive teams and navigate
any challenge with certainty, presence and service.

Rebecca and Angela met in 2012 when they were working as leadership consultants in Queensland. After a few conversations, Rebecca and Angela connected over their passion for leadership and saw an opportunity to creative a unique experience for leaders and their teams – no boardrooms, or stale team building exercises, but instead an experience that took leaders and teams away from their comfort zones and put them in a unfamiliar environment. Together they combined their collective skills and put together a program like no other.

Hooked on Leadership helps you improve your leadership and team work through horsemanship. We focus on developing certainty, presence and service in your style to help improve engagement and results in your team.

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“This is for leaders and teams that really want to have an experience about leadership behaviours and team standards in a unfamiliar environment”

Rebecca Livesey


Rebecca Livesey is a leadership consultant, accredited eDISC behavioural profiler and trainer, executive coach and keynote speaker. After working in numerous leadership roles in the UK and Australia in a range of industries, Rebecca Co-Created Hooked on Leadership with a purpose to create positive change in business and help leaders unleash their potential and improve their culture to achieve great results with their people. Rebecca believes the best leadership training happens outside the office and our comfort zones and she is passionate about demonstrating how you can have fun at work with your teams.

Through the two-day program, Rebecca educates leaders from a range of industries on their eDISC behaviour profile to help them understand their triggers to better lead their teams, in a fun, dynamic and unique way.

Rebecca’s facilitation style is insightful, encouraging and supportive, guiding each and every participant on their leadership journey in a unfamiliar environment. Every participant leaves with a new focus and understanding of how they can bring their whole selves to their people.

“Hooked on Leadership provides a perfect opportunity for participants to come and practice what it looks and feels like to be steady in their emotional state so they can be more effective in their interactions both with the horses but also with their teams back at work”

Angela Koning


Angela leverages her two lifelong passions with a unique combination of leadership development and natural horsemanship. With the help of her horses, Fez and Red, Angela makes leadership an unforgettable experience, ensuring leaders make immediate and lifelong transformations in their leadership thinking.

Angela’s true purpose is self-leadership and the impact improved self-awareness and self-management can have on both our professional and personal lives. She is a DISC Advanced behavioural profiler and works with adults in corporate contexts and children in schools as well as business owners and professionals looking to improve their self-leadership to achieve better outcomes for themselves, their team and also in their life.

Through the two-day program, Angela guides participants through their self-leadership journey, teaching, assisting and supporting them on how they can provide certainty, presence and service to the people around them and what it feels like to have a steady, emotional state. Angela’s approach is supportive and encouraging while creating a unique and dynamic environment for the participants; an unforgettable experience that has the power to change your leadership style forever.

“One of the unique aspects of working with horses is their
requirement for you to have a steady emotional state to be
successful in what we are asking them to do”.

Big Red

Big Red is a Standardbred gelding, standing at 16.2 hands high and chestnut in colour. He likes carrots, long walks on the beach and his favourite thing ever is a bath under the hose.

He brings all the personality you would expect of a redhead to his job, stubborn, flamboyant and he likes to be the boss. We are quite sure he knows he’s good looking, too!

Personality: Red needs a lot of energy to give him purposeful work.

Big Red was re-homed to us from the Standardbred Association of Queensland for his life after racing.

Red helps leaders just like you to bring a steady emotional state to your team.


Fezzy is also a Standardbred gelding, standing at 16 hands high and bay in colour. Fezzy is a quiet achiever with a heart of gold, and he loves kids, carrots and swimming at the beach.

Personality: Fez is the ultimate gentleman and simply wants to please and do his absolute best at whatever is asked of him.

Fez was re-homed to us from the Standardbred Association of Queensland for his life after racing.

Fez can’t wait to welcome you to Hooked on Leadership!

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