Why do we use horses?

Why do we use horses?

The horse is a mirror. Sometimes you will like what you see – and sometimes you won’t. Horses give us the opportunity to change that reflection for the better.


March 2017At the beginning of March we ran our first Hooked on Leadership course for 2017, and each of the participants had their own amazing leadership growth experience.

But why do we work with horses?

Well horses are ideal partners for learning about leadership, because they teach us HOW to be leaders, even when we don’t know all of the ‘WHAT’ of the task. In this way we are learning how to have and maintain a leadership state, regardless of the environment around us.

For most people, walking up to a horse having been taught a couple of visual command cues, and told to move the horse without touching it, is jumping straight out of their comfort zone! Add to this that often horses are big and snorty, and we’ve upped the ‘I don’t know how to do this’ stakes.

But in that moment what they need from us is our most resourceful leadership state. They need to feel our certainty in ourselves, they need to know we are present, and they need us to focus on them, to get an outcome which serves us both.

So we have to step up, be present to feedback, adapt our style, manage our state, change our focus from ‘I’ to ‘We’. And do it there and then, live and in the moment!

And this is why horses are amazing leadership facilitators.

This is what some of our latest participants had to say…..

“Hooked on Leadership is a program that extends your leadership effectiveness and behavioural thinking. The use of horses as a key component of experiential learning enables real time learning, debrief and reflection about you and your ability to lead and follow effectively under pressure”

Tanya Absolon, Senior HR Consultant & Executive

“Fabulous and practical way to learn leadership – so different to other courses in terms of the experience and the outcomes. Immediate feedback from the horses enables you to improve rapidly in terms of presence, certainty and service”

Helen Gough, Consultant and Business Owner

“The horses taught me about relating and how my behaviour towards others will or will not result in achieving the desired outcome. I knew this to be true, but doing or having the knowledge, tools or skills in a team environment is far more difficult. The course taught me to be open to other behavioural styles and how to serve others in order to bring out the best in any situation. This course provides an awesome learning environment to be a leader or enhance your leadership role. A great experience, highly recommended!”

Kye Harris, Director, Perron Financial Group

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