Insights from our first 2018 Program!

Insights from our first 2018 Program!

At the start of March we welcomed our first Hooked on Leadership cohort for 2018. Fez and Red were on fine form, even queuing up to get on the horse float to travel to the beautiful Ocean View Estates!

So why did our participants choose Hooked on Leadership as their leadership program, and what were the key insights from the program?

Our participants’ goals for the program fell into three areas:

1. To develop or enhance their leadership confidence

2. To get better results from their teams through adapting & flexing their leadership style

3. To push themselves outside their comfort zone!

And for most people the last one is achieved simply by turning up and working with the horses!

At Hooked on Leadership we focus on teaching the participants groundwork skills with the horses (there’s no riding!) and through this we focus on developing leadership confidence and flexibility. We combine this with leadership theory and behavioral profiling which we put into practice straight away when doing exercises with the horses.

At the end of the March program our participants came away with three key insights and learnings:

Adaptability is critical, and we do this by learning the different ‘languages’ or looking through the different ‘lenses’ of our profiles. If our communication isn’t working then as leaders we need to adapt our style, rather than assume those around us will adapt theirs. Fez and Red are very different themselves and so provide great feedback on this!

Self talk stops presence. If our brains are filled with ‘I can’t do this’, ‘It will never work’, ‘Why does everyone else get it apart from me’, ‘It’s too hard’, then we are not present to either our teams (or the animals) so to truly serve those around us we have to get out of our heads. One way to do this is to ask great questions such as ‘How do I serve others right now?’ or the brilliant ‘What would love do right now?’

Inner certainty comes from self trust and having a purposeful intent. When we’re in unknown situations we can chose self trust or self doubt. Certainty comes from trust, even if we don’t know what we’re doing. Certainty is a state of being, and we can bring it regardless of what is going on around us. And if we back it up with purposeful intent, we have a person with leadership confidence

And of course everyone enjoyed the wonderful location, warm hospitality and fantastic food at Ocean View Estates!

If you’re curious about what you could learn and develop about your leadership style, and practice on the spot with the horses please get in touch!