Meeting our needs resourcefully

Meeting our needs resourcefully

Understanding our Core Needs come from the great Tony Robbins, and we use these all the time in Hooked on Leadership.

According to Tony we each have six core needs as human beings:

core needs

There are three levels – certainty versus variety, significance versus love and connection, and growth versus contribution.

And we all need these, but we all need them in different amounts. And you’ll notice that each one is opposite. So certainty is opposite to variety, significance (which is about each of us feeling worthy as individuals) is opposite to connection which is about others. And growth is personal, whereas contribution is what you do for the world or people around you. And each of us is different in how much of each we need.

For example, most people like to know they have a roof over their heads and food on the table and money coming in – Certainty. Some people like to know that they come to work and their workday is set out and similar to yesterday. They know what they are going to do and when. And as long as they get a two-week holiday every year somewhere different they are fine. So they get their Variety hit on holiday.

For others, they need Variety every day. They love coming to work and not knowing what is going to happen, they need adventure every day.

Some people are driven by Significance, they back themselves and feel good about it. Some people are more about others and are driven by having lots of Connection and Love in their lives.

Now, all of these needs can be met resourcefully or unresourcefully, however it is difficult to reach Growth and Contribution without first having met the first four needs resourcefully.

red ground tied

For example resourcefully meeting Certainty can be being certain in oneself and backing oneself, unresourcefully it can be resisting change and never going out of our comfort zones. Resourcefully meeting Variety can be energetically embracing new things and people or having hobbies, unresourcefully it can be seeking out and creating drama or developing ‘shiny things syndrome’!

Resourcefully meeting Significance can be knowing we’re each worthy and practising self-love. Unresourcefully it can be attention grabbing or ‘look at me, make me feel important’ activities. Resourcefully meeting Connection is having loving relationships around us, unresourcefully it’s being the martyr and having no boundaries in doing anything for anyone.

It’s important for each of us as individuals to regularly check in with ourselves as to how we are meeting our core needs and making sure we are being resourceful. In this way, we are more able to be present in the moment, and so serve those around us. And it’s fascinating to see how these needs play out in front of the horses!

For much more detail from the great man himself check out his Ted Talk