About The Program

Hooked on Leadership is a workshop with a distinct
difference that gives immediate results in a dynamic
and unique environment.

Hooked on Leadership is a two-day Brisbane based corporate-to-country style leadership program, which uses horses to help leaders to create cohesive teams and navigate any challenge with certainty.

Having worked extensively with hundreds of leaders, from CEOs to supervisors, across a wide range of industries in one on one situations, team groups and business environments. Rebecca Livesey and Angela Koning created Hooked on Leadership to work with horses to reflect leaders’ behaviours and look at the psychology of how teams work well together.

Hooked on Leadership is a unique take on leadership facilitation, combining not only classroom and equine-facilitated experiential learning but also an environment that allows leaders and teams to have a different experience. Participants will discover their default leadership and team behaviours and get immediate, unfiltered, feedback from our facilitators to help refine their style on the spot.


During the two-day program, participants will experience delicious food and wine, including local cheese and wine from Brisbane’s Ocean View Estates, where the program takes place.

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Want to learn how to develop certainty, presence and
service in your leadership and team, so that you can be
more productive and consistently produce better results?

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Why do we work with horses?

“The horse is a mirror. Sometimes you will like what you see – and sometimes you won’t,
horses give us the opportunity to change that reflection for the better. ”

– Buck Brannaman


93% of what we communicate is unconscious and while people may not give you direct feedback as to whether your communication works or not, the horse will. Horses give us direct feedback on our emotional state, even if we feel like we’re hiding it. They are herd animals looking for two things – feeling safe with you and purposeful work. Which is exactly what we need to do with our teams.

We see participants push through personal belief barriers, which all hinder great leadership and team work. Their confidence grows because their focus becomes ‘how am I present to my team to understand how to serve them to get a result together?’ In this way, the ‘me focus’ – be it through ego, arrogance, worry or fear – disappears and they work much more effectively with their teams. Co-Creators, Rebecca Livesey & Angela Koning.

Quite simply, horses desire and require us to lead, they cannot feel safe unless we are certain, present and acting in complete service to them; these are the essential ingredients of leadership.

The key changes we see in the participants is their ability to quickly adapt their style and communication to get results with different people. Co-Creators, Rebecca Livesey, Angela Koning.

If managers and leaders want to be present with their team, understand how to partner with people to help them see their potential, and develop confidence and flexibility in leadership, Hooked on Leadership is the course that works.

Horsey Facts

  • Horses live in the present. They never worry about yesterday or tomorrow. They remind us to focus on how we can make a difference right now.
  • They don’t hold a grudge and they don’t stay upset for too long. As soon as their sense of safety is restored, they immediately return to grazing and to their natural emotional equilibrium.
  • They accept you as you are, without judgement, expectation or conditions.
  • Horses never engage in negative self-talk, like us humans tend to do. Provided they are physically safe, they are happy and willing to give their best to any task we give them and never undermine themselves with negative inner dialogue.

Find out more about our horses, Red and Fez.
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