The horse is a mirror. Sometimes you will like what you see – and sometimes you won’t.

Horses give us the opportunity to change that reflection for the better.


Horses are ideal partners for learning about leadership, because:

  • They live in the present. They never worry about yesterday or tomorrow. They remind us to focus on how we can make a difference right now.

  • Their true nature is always on display without falseness or pretence. This is authenticity at its finest! They don’t care for your opinion of them, and they don’t have an ego concerned about what they might look like if they fail.

  • They never lie, in the sense that they don’t feel one emotion and present another to the outside world. This emotional congruence allows them to give honest feedback, and therefore to be our trusted partners in our leadership journey.

  • They don’t hold a grudge and they don’t stay upset for long. As soon as their sense of safety is restored, they immediately return to grazing and to their natural emotional equilibrium.

  • They accept you as you are, without judgement, expectation or conditions. What a notion!

  • Horses never engage in negative self-talk, like us humans tend to do! Provided they are physically safe, they are happy and willing to give their best to any task we ask of them and never undermine themselves with negative inner dialogue.