Chris - Corporate Leader & Engineer

The workshop was incredibly well developed to help you grasp the needs and nature of both yourself and others. The horses and trainers have so much to offer and I enjoyed the full experience and growth i felt. Plus the food was fantastic! A highly recommended experience

Fiona - HR Professional & Corporate Leader

I loved seeing the immediate and insightful links to how we relate to horses and how we relate to our teams back in the offce. There were so many lightbulb moments for the participants, helped along and gently guided by Bec & Ange. Thanks for the 2 days – it was eye opening!

Kellie - Business Owner and Board member

Working with Red and Fez is the perfect mirror for who you are being and providing unfiltered feedback. The program provides a unique reflection on your leadership and those around you.

Danni - Hospitality Leader

Walking into this workshop I was nervous, stressed and a little unsure of how it would be. Needless to say I have walked out with a clear head and picture in my mind of how I will run a team. It made me use skills I haven’t used for a long time, that I now cannot wait to apply in the workplace. Thank you Bec, Ange and the wonderful boys – Fez and Red!

Lindsey - Business Owner

As a lady on a journey of growth this year, I cannot recommend this course enough! It’s the salted caramel sauce to top off my delicious brownie! I have been armed with tools that I will be reflecting on for days and most definitely be using in my business. Perfect location, training opportunities, food….but most of all the trainers (Bec & Ange) are knowledgeable, confident (in themselves and you) and friendly. Loved it!

Hooked on Supervisors (for Team Leaders)

Peter (Team Lead) – Was amazing to have control of a horse and watch it listen and do as asked even when they were being stubborn!

Ashley (Team Lead)  – Puts a different perspective on how to deal in work situations by thinking outside the square. The work with the horses was challenging but fun.

Leanne (Business Owner) – The senstivity of the horses enables participants to directly experience the effects of our own leadership actions and decisions, positively or negatively in real time.

Natalie (Team Lead) – I loved adapting real communication strategies by getting outside and hands on. The horses and trainers really made you think outside the box and work on you

Tim - Engineer and Project Manager

The team at Hooked on Leadership provide an amazing experience to learn about yourself and your teams. I would highly recommend all teams taking the the chance to work with Fez and Red to get better outcomes in the workplace and life.

Megyn - Business Owner

Working with horses gives you immediate feedback on your leadership style. If you are not present or have low energy or you’re uncertain the horses know. It’s a fast way to improve leadership skills, understand others and work in teams to get great results. The location is unbelievably beautiful, and Bec and Ange have a fabulous way of training. Loved it!

Daniella - Journalist (Business Insider)

I am a shy, ambiverted person and thought I could never be a leader. Leadership doesn’t come naturally to me but I was shown that there are many different ways of being a great leader, and that what I thought would be disadvantages about my personality actually work as strengths if I choose to let them.

Kimberley- Performance Advisor

Hooked on Leadership has given me the opportunity to realised what I had in me all along but didn’t believe. I now believe that I have the confidence to tackle anything and to trust my instinct

Kelly - Business Owner

I loved the workshop for the transformation of new learnings in a short time space, only over 2 days. Working with the horses gave very quick aha moments and a big reality check of where my space was when the workshop started. From the guidance and support from Bec and Ange I became curious and wanting to get in a space of learning about having certainty, significance and variety. I found my feelings of uncertainty change to certainty very quickly!

Morgan - Business Owner

A big thank you to Bec and Ange for having me at Hooked on Leadership. I have learnt so much about not only my leadership style but also myself as a person. Being able to learn about my triggers and why I lead the way I do, and then see the horses respond straight away was an amazing experience. You both really care for people and how their actions affect others and I really valued your honest feedback. I learnt so much in 2 days!

Claire - Business Owner

If you want to move past interesting information and knowledge to an ‘experience’ of what leadership is and brings then this is a wonderful workshop to attend. I love the simple model of certainty, presence and service and linking it to energy and interactions with horses is genius. This programme gets you to experience the ‘energy’ of leadership in a very real way. I found the workshop innovative, useful and helpful. I took away a number of insights and learnings that I am looking forward to put into action. I am excited about the ‘leadership’ check-in after the workshop in the form of a phone call. The smaller groups and the individual check-ins provide real value and helps you feel that the content is individualised to your unique needs. Bec and Ange are knowledgeable and inspiring facilitators

Helen - Business Owner

Fabulous and practical way to learn leadership – so different to other courses in terms of the experience and outcomes. Immediate feedback from the horses enables you to improve rapidly in terms of presence, certainty and service

Scott - Project Manager

I really enjoyed my Hooked on Leadership course. I felt it was very insightful and interesting how horses can be used to demonstrate how different leadership techniques can work

Kate - Business Owner

My name is Kate and I just finished the 2 day Hooked on Leadership program. Big thanks to Big Red and Fez for serving me by allowing me to serve them, using presence certainty and service. Highly recommend Hooked on Leadership – the leadership program with a difference

Tanya - Senior People & HR Consultant

Hooked on Leadership is a program that extends your leadership effectiveness and behavioural thinking. The use of horses as a key component of experiential learning enables real time learning, debrief and reflections about you and your ability to lead and follow effectively under pressure

Kye - Business Owner

What the horses taught me  – about relating and how my behaviour towards others will or will not result in achieving the desired outcome. I knew this to be true but doing or having the knowledge, tools or skills in a team environbment is far more difficult. The course taught me to be open to other behavioural styles and how to serve others in order to bring out the best in any situation. This course provides an awesome learning environment to be a leader or to enhance your leadership role. A great experience, highly recommended

Cheryl - Head of Talent Management MEC Mining

Cheryl admits that she was apprehensive – she hadn’t had much to do with horses in the past, and she had few expectations about what she was going to learn.

While Cheryl’s experience on the course was outside her comfort zone and confronting at times, she says she was rewarded with invaluable insight. “I found myself on a journey that challenged a lot of what I thought I knew about myself and how I approached building relationships.”

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