Big Red is a Standardbred gelding, standing at 16.2 hands high and chestnut in colour. He likes carrots, long walks on the beach and his favourite thing ever is a bath under the hose.

He brings all the personality you would expect of a redhead to his job as Paddock Boss, and we are quite sure he knows he’s a good looking, muscle-bound unit.

Big Red was re-homed to us from the Standardbred Association of Queensland for his life after racing.



Fezzy is also a Standardbred gelding, standing at 16 hands high and bay in colour. Fezzy is a quiet achiever with a heart of gold, and he loves kids, carrots and swimming at the beach.

He is the ultimate gentleman and simply wants to please and do his absolute best at whatever is asked of him.

Fez was re-homed to us from the Standardbred Association of Queensland for his life after racing.


Jasper is a Quarter Horse, standing at 15 hands high and bay in colour. Jasper has a huge work ethic and just loves heading out for trail rides with Angela, where he is a rock-solid performer who tries his best at whatever is asked of him.

Jasper’s best friends are Dolly and Fern, the donkeys, and he loves hanging out with Fern in the paddock and haggling with Dolly about who is actually the Paddock Boss.



Rebecca is passionate about creating lasting positive change in people and their organisations through effective strategy, leadership and culture.

She has worked with hundreds of leaders from CEOs to supervisors across a wide range of industries in one on one, team groups or whole of business environments. 

Rebecca brings a unique skillset which combines corporate strategy experience with mindset and behavioural coaching.

Her non traditional methods get results, with organisations wanting her back over and over again because of her different way of doing things.

Hooked on Leadership is another example of a leadership program with a difference!


In Hooked on Leadership, Angela leverages her two lifelong passions with a unique combination of leadership development and natural horsemanship.

She has partnered with leaders to transform their impact at all levels of business and government, from shopfloor frontline supervisors to world leaders in their field, across a variety of industry sectors.

With the help of her horses, Fez, Big Red and Jasper, Angela makes leadership learning an unforgettable experience, ensuring leaders can make immediate and lifelong transformations in their leadership thinking.

Hooked on Leadership promises to transform your leadership forever!